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Relumins Beauty Transformation Story by Dyel Aguas

We found Dyel Aguas, a Beauty and Lifestyle YouTube  Vlogger from Saudi Arabia. We saw her genuine reviews about Relumins and how she was able to transform her life and developed self confidence. She was used bullied on a young age due to her complexion, and due to that she became very shy and have low self-esteem until she tried using the Relumins.

I am very grateful with the Relumins Glutathione products, it changed my life. As I see the changes in my skin, I had more self-confidence. I used to get bullied due to my darker skin complexion that’s when I tried using the Relumins products and it really worked! Yet, I’d like to remind everyone that even you achieved a glow and more beautiful skin, true beauty is seen from within. – Dyel Aguas


Dyel is one of the avid users of Relumins Advance White Glutathione Supplements. Watch how she met Relumins and what it did to her life.

We are proud of you Dyel! ???
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Marjorie Beauty Products were able to secure approval to feature Mardielle Pidlaoan – Aguas and use snippets of her video to be used as presentation and promotion of her and the Relumins products. 

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