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Cleansers & Toner

Cleansers and toners are solutions that come in many varieties to remove facial impurities, such as dirt or makeup. They can also regulate the pH balance of the skin and reduce dryness for a healthy-looking appearance. Cleansers and toners don’t just freshen up your face, they leave it looking clean and fresh!

Sometimes you just need to get rid of all the dirt leftover on your skin. It’s tough work to take care of yourself, so give yourself a break with our clean, crisp cleansers, and refreshing toners.

Check out from a wide variety of toners and cleansers that best fit with your skin type.


A toner has a mild effect on the skin, while a cleanser has a more substantial effect. Skin toners are made up of about 80-90% water, while cleansing creams or facial cleansers are made up of about 5% oil and water. During the summer when we perspire more, we need to use a cleanser that will remove the sweat and dirt from our face thoroughly. The point where oil begins on our when we wash our face with a cleanser is known as emulsification. Under this essential principle of chemistry, it means combining two substances which do not mix together in their original state.


On the other hand, toners are usually formulated with organic acids which provide astringent effects, often in concentrations of 10-20%. However, some toners contain minimal amounts of surfactants to help clean away any residue left over after cleansing, while others rely solely on non-ionic polymers for that purpose. Toners also usually contain humectant ingredients which help to moisturize the skin during the toning process.


After cleansing, it is important to apply your toner before your moisturizer. Water-based products are generally applied prior to oil-based ones because you don't want the water in your product to dilute the oil. An exception to this rule is when you are using a product containing chemical exfoliants, because it can cause excessive drying if applied to dry skin.


Toner-Cleansers act as the middle step between cleansing and moisturizing. However, it differs from other types since their formulations are usually not that much different than your normal facial cleanser or cream. At the most, they would have a little bit of astringent or alcohol in them to help freshen up your skin.

If your skin is very oily or acne prone, you definitely need to use both. Cleansers and toners help remove excess oil, dirt and makeup from the face.


A cleanser is a type of cosmetic product for the face and body that is used to remove makeup, oil, dirt and other impurities in order to leave the skin clean. It can come in many different forms, including face wash and body soap, but the main purpose of a cleanser is to cleanse the skin through physical or chemical means.


A toner is an astringent solution that tightens pores and prepares the skin for moisturizing after cleansing. After washing your face with facial cleansers, your pores will be open and it is difficult for moisturizers to penetrate. Applying a toner with astringent properties helps close the pores leaving them less exposed, thus creating a smoother surface for moisturizer application.


It's important to note that not all cleansers contain harsh chemicals that are used in toners. Also certain may be more effective for specific skin types, so it all depends on your own personal needs.


To help get rid of excess oil and dirt after cleansing, many people use toners to refresh their face throughout the day. While some manufacturers market them as facial mists, they are not just meant to be used in that way. You should apply them to a cotton pad and wipe your face with it.

It is fine to use a cleanser and toner daily. However, you have to be careful not to over dry your skin by using them too often or applying the products incorrectly. If you are sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients in your skincare products, it may cause unnecessary irritation, redness and flaking.


The skin's pH is slightly acidic at 5.5 - 6.5 which also helps with the balance of bacteria on the skin. Too much alkalinity will destroy that natural acidity and can cause dryness, irritation or even infection to occur if not properly treated. It is important to research the ingredients in your skincare products and understand how to use them. This will help maintain a healthy skin barrier while preventing unnecessary irritation or sensitivities.


Many people don't realize that the pH of their cleanser is just as important as the pH of their facial toners! Make sure to check whether your product has a low, medium or high pH before using it, and make sure it's suitable for your skin type. If you have sensitive or dry skin, a high pH cleanser is not a good idea.


Remember to apply a toner after cleansing your face to help reduce the appearance of pores and tighten your skin before applying moisturizer! Moisturizing is key in keeping the health of the skin.


So to answer the question, yes you can apply cleanser and toner daily as long as you know how to properly use them!

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