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Hair Gel

Hair Gel is a styling product that helps shape and hold hair in place. It can also be used to add shine, reduce flyaways, and prevent split ends.

Most of us have experienced the frustration of having our hairstyles ruined by frizzy or unruly hair. The right kind of gel can help tame this problem without weighing down your hair or making it look greasy. Finding the right one for you though can be tricky as there are so many options out there!

We’ve done all the research for you and found some great products that actually work! Some gels just don’t do anything but weigh down your hair while others will make it feel sticky and gross no matter how much you wash them out later on. Our top picks will leave your hair looking shiny, soft, smooth, and healthy even after an entire day at work or school. You’ll love these products so much we’re sure they’ll become staples in your bathroom.


Gel mainly provides the frizzy hair with a sleek surface. Since many gels are alcohol-based, they dissolve the natural lipids in your hair. The result is lifeless and smooth locks.


If you don't wash it out well enough, the alcohol can dry out your hair and damage the cuticle. Unlike wax, gel doesn't provide a good hold in slightly breezy weather conditions.


Gel also provides your hair with too much shine because of its surface smoothing effect, which is why many guys use it when they want to slick back their hair.


If you choose a high quality gel, you can get a flexible hold and your hair will feel soft instead of crispy, but if you go for a drugstore brand, the effects are usually (save exceptions) quite bad.

There is no medical proof that gel can directly end your hair growth or make your hair fall out. There are some rumors that for this claim to be valid, the gel needs to contain harsh chemicals, but in my opinion it's quite the opposite. The reason why gels do not stop hair growth lies in their composition. It's mainly alcohol, which makes them dry out your hair, but this ingredient is not potent enough to change the growth of your locks. However, if you are prone to dandruff or have a somewhat sensitive scalp, using gel might lead to some irritation.

If you're using a good quality product and if you take good care of your hair, gel is pretty much harmless. It might dry out or damage your hair, but it will not stop its growth or lead to health problems. Once again, the main reason why gel doesn't have these adverse effects is because of its mild chemical structure.


If you are using gel on a daily basis, probably yes. It is its alcohol content that causes the dryness of your locks. Also, if you're constantly applying heavy amounts of product to your hair, this can lead to an increased risk of health problems or at least damage to your hair follicles.


Gel itself doesn't cause hair loss, but by constantly applying a large amount of a product that contains harsh chemicals to your locks you might do serious damage to your scalp and the roots of your hair. This is why I personally try not to use gel every day, as well as any other products containing alcohol. And as I mentioned above, if you're prone to dandruff or any other skin related problems, you should probably avoid gel as well.

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