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Premium Collagen Blend — (1 Sachet)

The Most Advanced Collagen Supplement! This is one of the ultimate skin care products on the market. It contains 100% Premium-Grade ActuMarine Collagen, a low molecular weight fish collagen peptide that was developed in Japan. It is now being recognized as the gold standard in collagen because it is tastless, odorless and highly absorbable. Your skin will be thanking you from the very first sip!

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The Most Advanced Anti-Aging Product on The Market in a Convenient, Delicious Drink Mix. Treat Your Skin With The Purest, Most Absorbable Collagen in the World.


  • Premium Marine-Derived Collagen Restores Youthful Skin Tone, Fights Cellulite and Premature Aging
  • Tasteless, Odorless ActuMarine Collagen from Japan Rushes Straight to Where it is Needed, Rapidly Accumulating in Skin and Cartilage
  • Glutathione, Green Tea Extract and CoQ10 Provide Powerful Antioxidant Support to Maximize Whitening, Anti-Aging and Skin Protective Benefits
  • Contains Glucosamine & Hyaluronic Acid to Stimulate Connective Tissue Repair
  • Natural Fruit Juices Give a Delicious Flavor to this Otherwise Tasteless Collagen – Tastes Great Without Bad Aftertaste!


Convenient and Delicious We mix our collagen with natural fruit juice and flavors to create a delicious blueberry, pineapple or vanilla flavor drink. This premium grade collagen is tasteless and odorless so you don’t have the bad taste that comes with other collagen drinks. Just pour a sachet into a glass of water and enjoy. This ultra pure, premium peptide will rush straight to your skin and joints, keeping them young, healthy, and strong.


Full Spectrum Skin Support Each sachet contains 9 advanced ingredients to fight signs of aging, whiten skin and reduce wrinkles. Antioxidants such as L-Glutathione, Vitamin C and Green Tea protect skin from damaging free radicals and whiten skin naturally. This formula also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Peral Coix Extract, Glucosamine, Vitamin B2 and CoQ10. Support Natural Collagen Production Vitamin C and CoQ10 have been shown to naturally support collagen production. This means that in addition to the more than 4000mg of collagen found in each sachet, your body will be producing more of its own collagen. This direct and indirect increase in collagen will keep your skin at its best!
No matter what the day throws your way, keep your skin looking young, healthy and elastic with the best tasting, most absorbable collagen on the market!
Please note sell by date: all Relumins Collagen products maintain full potency for at least a year past its sell by date date.

Directions: Mix one sachet of Relumins Premium Collagen Blend powder with 8-12 fl. oz. (250ml – 350ml) of water or juice and stir until all powder is dissolved. Use once per day. Can be consumed cold or hot.

Active Ingredients:
ActuMarine Collagen Powder, L-Glutathione, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Pearl Coix Extract, Glucosamine, Green Tea Extract, Acaiberry Extract, CoQ10

Additional Ingredients (per flavor):
BLUEBERRY: Blueberry Juice Powder, Natural Blueberry Flavor, Sucralose
PINEAPPLE: Pineapple Juice Powder, Natural Pineapple Flavor, Sucralose
VANILLA:Vanilla Flavor, Sucralose, Maltitol


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This item: Premium Collagen Blend -- (1 Sachet) AED 7.00 AED 7.00
AED 7.00
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