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Relumins Advance Whitening Oral-Vials Glutathione 15,000mg

This oral vial supplement is one of a kind with Glutathione and Ascorbic Acid as its active ingredients. These two powerful antioxidants that have been proven effective when it comes to skin whitening or fight premature aging due to free radicals and oxidative stress.

  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: This oral vial is effective as the IV glutathione and safer without the need of injection.
  • FIGHTS AGING: It detoxify toxins and help maintain healthy immune response.
  • WHITEN SKIN: Improves skin condition and effectively whitens skin by lowering the skin melanin.
  • 100x FASTER: this form of Glutathione absorbs and whitens up to 100X faster.

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The Relumins Advance Oral Vials Glutathione 15,000mg supplement helps people achieve their desire to whiten their skin.


This particular supplement makes use of Glutathione which works by hindering the manufacturing of the skin pigment; melanin. And when this pigment is absent, it only follows that the skin will achieve a lighter tone than normally possible. Apart from helping to whiten the skin, Glutathione also provides other benefits in its capacity as an antioxidant. These benefits include the elimination of free radicals which cause the skin to age and lose its youthfulness. As such, this supplement also helps users maintain a youthful and radiant look.


Glutathione is widely known as the body’s master antioxidant, acting as an important protective molecule to combat against problems in the liver, spleen, kidney, eye-lens, erythrocytes, and leukocytes. However, this molecule slows in production as we age. By replacing it regularly, it has been proven that to improve cardiovascular, oral and eye health with its unmatched ability to fight stress, aging, and our environment.


The oral vials glutathione is the most convenient and fastest mode of glutathione intake to our body. With just a few drops and you’re done with your dose for the day. Guaranteed safe and effective as the intra vascular – IV Glutathione.

For oral use only. Please refrigerate upon receipt to ensure longevity.

Oral Administration:


Standard Dose – Daily Oral Use
Draw out 1 ml of the Relumins Advanced – Glutathione Oral Vials.
Place liquid in mouth, hold in mouth and under tongue, then swallow.
Repeat procedure every morning for 6 days to finish the vial.
The package of 5 vials should last One month.


High Dose – Daily Oral Use
Draw out 1 ml of the Relumins Advanced – Glutathione Oral Vials.
Place liquid in mouth, hold in mouth and under tongue, then swallow.
Repeat procedure every morning and evening for 3 days to finish the vial.
The package of 10 vials should last One month.
Treatment results are evaluated every 3 months
Transition to maintenance once desired skin tone is reached


Maintenance Protocol Oral Glutathione:
• Daily Oral administration of 800mg Glutathione with boosters


As with all supplements pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their physician.
Glutathione has cellular protective properties that make it unsuitable for chemotherapy patients.

Active Ingredients:

Glutathione – Competitively inhibits melanin synthesis in the reaction of tyrosinase and L-DOPA by interrupting L-DOPA’s ability to bind to tyrosinase during melanin synthesis. These results indicate that glutathione inhibits the synthesis and agglutination of melanin by interrupting the function of L-DOPA.It is the master anti-oxidant that helps fight free radicals which cause skin damage and contributes to good liver function.

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) – A potent antioxidant and skin-soothing agent that can improve the appearance of signs of aging.

Additional Ingredients:

Relumins Advanced Buffer Formula: Disodium EDTA, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bisulfate, Natural Flavor, Purified Water
Allows for 3 years shelf life & enhanced bio-availability.


The strong sulfur smell is completely normal. You can tell the product is made with high potency glutathione because of the sulfur smell, glutathione is a sulfur donating molecule

The product contains a highly active form of Glutathione, it is normal to have some variation in color. Color changes due to many factors but it is safe and effective. For best stability, keep the product refrigerated. If you received a much darker color other than the image provided, kindly contact us.

The advance glutathione oral vial is a high-dosage Glutathione vial, it is not necessary to partner it with Glutathione Booster as it can do the work alone. However, we highly recommend taking the Glutathione booster to “boost” and raise body’s endogenous of Glutathione. The booster helps maintain a steady level of Glutathione in your body for optimal results. And since each body works differently, the effect may result to much faster than others. Thus, a booster may help in case your body glutathione level is really low.

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Relumins Advance Glutathione Oral Vials 15000
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AED 695.00
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